PAX Player Feedback

I’ve devoted a good portion of my time lately towards trying to get more backers for this project with mixed results.  Together we’ve reached over $1000!  That’s a great milestone, but the project is still so far away from it’s goal.  I don’t have a large marketing budget, so word of mouth is the only way this project is going to get funded.  If you haven’t already, please post a link to this project on all of your social media channels and tell all of your friends.

I finally got a chance to compile all of the feedback I received from PAX East and here are the top things that I’ll be working on in the coming weeks:

  • Basic tutorial + popup tips
  • Smoother mouse controls for navigating your ship through space
  • WASD thruster controls for navigating your ship through space
  • RTS-like controls for crew movements/assignments
  • Add crew automation which will allow repairs/activities to occur when undirected
  • More hot keys for weapon selection, switching views, cycling through crew members, etc
  • Differentiate friend/foe on mini-map
  • Add indicator of where player clicked to make it more clear where ship is flying to
  • Missions/stories (always planned, but not yet implemented)